Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Guide

We like to keep things simple and you can trust us to help you find the correct EV charging products to suit you, your car and home. We are a family business and we love what we do. To read more about the team click here.

Car dealers and car owners trust our business, and know that we didn't just pop up when the rebate was announced. Selling electric vehicle charging products looks like an easy thing to do. We have seen an increase in the number of copycat businesses. Look out for sellers offering cheap products from a residential address hoping to copy established businesses and cash in on a growing industry. Buyer beware!

If you'd rather visit us before you buy come to 18 Coleridge Street, in Sydenham, Christchurch. OEM Audio Ltd offers free parking, knowledgeable and friendly staff members. Our reception is warm, so come and meet the team, browse the product, ask questions and receive quick and friendly service. 


EV Charging cables

The type of charging port found on your vehicle is in the name of our EV Power EV portable charging cable.

For example our EV Power Type 1 Premium Charging Cable, 8 Amp will fit a Type 1 car.

EV Charging Leads

The Type of port at power source is listed first and the Type of port found on the vehicle is listed second.

For example our EV Power Type 2 To Type 1 Lead 10m will allow a Type 1 car to charge at a power source with a Type 2 socket, commonly found in public charging stations near shops and businesses.


New Zealand defaulted to the Caravan plug commonly referred to as Commando/CEE early on in the EV revolution. These plugs can carry a higher amp rating than the three-pin plug. Advice from WorkSafe and Master Electricians is that these devices should be fitted with an RCD Type B (for detection of DC current) in case of a car side charging fault. DC current going back into a switchboard could be an issue with potential fire risk in the extreme. 

DC detection stops that; traditionally we have used an external RCD Type B to mitigate this threat, the issue has been the cost of supply and lack of definitive legal ruling about them.  The cost of the device has often been a deterrent (often $600+). EV Power 16 Amp portable charging cables have the DC detection built-in. 

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