Paul O’Connor’s OEM Audio multimedia unit fits with the automotive industry’s rapid changes.

OEM Audio supply model ranges for new and used car dealerships throughout Australasia. O’Connor says most people are now going towards Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The units are offered in many makes and models. O’Connor says OEM Audio offer a lot of licensed products for Toyota and they have a universal product that fits the frame of most Toyotas. “We have also developed a way to put Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the original factory stereo and add wireless car play and a USB-powered version of Android Auto. This can be done on Toyotas from 2014 onwards.” Recently, the new Nissan Qashqai and XTrail vehicles have been installed with a new nine-inch unit that has successfully been put into a couple of fleets. “They all have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A bonus is that it’s a very simple install for a dealer or franchise. The new Nissan BTN 650 as we call it, is standard fit in a few overseas markets and uses all factory plugs and harnesses,” O’Connor says.

OEM Audio is expanding on a range of nine-inch tablet-style units with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay built into them, all fully licensed and in several different frames to fit into different cars. “They’re really great products,” O’Connor says. “High resolution, great Bluetooth. “I’ve been over to the factories and checked it all out, to make sure everything is licenced and done as ecologically as possible.” Around 75% of O’Connor’s products go to car dealers, both new and used dealers for different projects. “We support 60 to 70 different vehicles,” O’Connor says. “From our point of view, a lot of the dealership staff aren’t fully aware of the benefits that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offer the customer.” He says the public has moved on from CD players, unlike some dealers. The consumer wants to stream their music and have the benefits of phone projection. “The industry is changing rapidly, and these days customers have access to Hey Google, Hey Siri, via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and it’s a smoother, safer way to go.” A lot of dealers see success from the units, and the dealers OEM Audio work with say it’s going great. “It’s a nice way for the dealer to close a deal,” O’Connor says. “A lot of dealers are very successful with it. “There is a good trade allowance.

The margin sold is good, even for its low retail price, there’s a margin in the product.” The company is happy to deal with customers who call the 0508 free phone number. English manuals and YouTube channels are also available for the customer. O’Connor says they are happy to take the customers’ calls, so dealers don’t have to handle all the queries. In the next few days, dealers will be able to log in from the OEM Audio website and buy straight from there. Products will normally arrive the next day provided the order is done by 12noon.

Not only does OEM Audio provide audio units for the new and used car industry, but it also makes cables for electric vehicles. It also produces Type two and Type one EV leads so EV owners can charge their EVs from a public station. “It’s rapidly becoming a popular product,” O’Connor says. He says a lot of people are trying to enter the EV market but don’t have any background. “They seem to think that anything will work. We have tried a lot of gear and some will burn your house down. “All of our products are TUV approved, which is the most reputable testing organisation in the world. We spent the money to get TUV approved, and our products meet the latest International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard. We are not some guy in his garage hoping for the best.”

OEM Audio has a range of WallChargers coming, with some even having a Wifi app that allows you to see and set the time, speed, kilowatt on the charge. Later in 2019, OEM Audio has partnered with a US company MyGekogear to bring a new dash camera into the country. This two-channel dash camera records front and back and records speed and GPS location. It retails for $270, stores up to 128 GBs, and can be used for any vehicle. “These are cool devices, with Wifi and a stand-alone App” O’Connor says. Its expected arrival into New Zealand is by the end of November, where initially 1500 of them will be available for dealers.

OEM Audio is supported by two technicians, Kyle and Stu, who O’Connor says are two of the best audio technicians in the country.