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Although electric cars are really starting to take off in New Zealand now, it’s still very early days for the number of charging stations available. Don’t get caught out. Plot your path before you find your battery running low with this up-to-date map of where EV chargers are currently located around the country.

Of course, to truly enjoy all the benefits of being behind the wheel of an electric vehicle and have the freedom and confidence to go the distance, you can’t rely on charging stations alone. To get the most mileage and savings from your EV, having your own quality charger is a must, but it needs to be the right one.

The world of electric vehicles can be complex and when it comes to choosing the correct charger there is a lot of misinformation and potentially dangerous – and even deadly – advice floating around in forums and social media groups online. With so many variables and risks, it’s an area you really some expert advice in. Fortunately, it’s an area we can help you navigate.

The specialists at OEM are happy to help advise you of the most efficient charger type to optimise your electric vehicle. All OEM EV chargers are superb quality and tested to the highest German standards, so you know you’re in the safest of hands.

We can help you invest in an EV charger that will do your battery a world of favours, save you even more money on the road and take the stress out of driving distances.

If you know what you’re looking for, click through to browse and buy OEM’s top standard EV cables and Wall Chargers.

Or if you’d like some specialist advice, free of charge, be in touch with our friendly team to discuss the best option for your electric vehicle and what you need from it. Call us on (03) 365 2666, freephone 0508 OEM AUDIO or email us at [email protected].

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