EO Active Load Management Unit (100 Amp)

EO Active Load Management Unit (100 Amp)

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EO Active Load Management Unit (100 Amp)

The EO Active Load Management (ALM) unit works with up to six EO Mini Wall Chargers (not the EO Mini Pro 2). Ensures that the site supply is never exceeded due to the EO Charging stations.

If you want multiple EV charging stations to be installed at a site the EO ALM unit can connect up to 6 x EO Mini’s and regulate the power on the chargers to ensure the power never exceeds the home's supply limit – great for 2 EV households, apartments, small businesses. In order for this unit to work, it needs a CT Clamp (purchased separately) which measures the current flowing through the cable and then the ALM unit takes that information and adjusts the current going to the charger accordingly.


All EO Charging products must be installed by an EO Approved Installer, this is to ensure that the product is installed correctly and that you've got access to a reliable and easy-to-use charger.

Please note that if you do not use an EO Approved Installer then the smart features of your charger will remain locked and the warranty will be invalid. We are also unable to provide support through the installation process for a charger where non-EO Approved Installers are used.



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