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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people buy OEM Audio units?

In the lots of cases we can fit a unit specifically made for your vehicle. We have sold over 6000 Model specific units.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a prime case example, the unit fits and integrates better, looks like it was supposed to be there and gets a bigger screen. It will also work with steering wheel controls if your vehicle has them. We have a great range of models that fit and function very impressively.

What is the Lumina range?

Lumina is our very latest range of units, they have full capacitive high definition touch screens, with lightning like speed, rear cameras come on within 1.4 seconds, Android Two way mirror link, class leading bluetooth call quality, Works with Siri™ voice control for Apple™ devices, IPOD™ Art, RDS, USB, SD card playback.

Lumina is our class leading platform and we don’t believe there is anything on the market that performs better for anywhere near the value these units are. Lumina units are available on nearly all our range and we are constantly adding more as they become available.

Any better reason?

Good thing you asked, here are a few:

  • We believe it is the little things with our units that matter most. We now have a latest map guarantee with IGO and SYGIC, you get the very latest available map at time of sale. Our close relationship with these two class leading firms gives us better compatibility, maps configured better to work with our units: for example the load screen features the mandatory warning, you don’t have to tick a box each time you use the unit as a separate action.
  • Our maps will work from street name input rather than typing in the area first, a small thing but very important if you are not exactly sure where you are looking for. Superb in Auckland and other larger areas with uncertain suburbs. This feature also works superbly in the country areas where geographic areas are not easily defined.
  • Our maps 'Point of Interest' lists are like a Yellow Pages in your car, nearly every business that has ever loaded themselves on Google will appear in your search. Everything from Petrol Stations to cinemas to hospitals. SYGIC for example has over 200,000 Points of interest for New Zealand.
  • IGO is the world’s leading in car GPS system and is used as Factory GPS in a huge variety of manufacturers products, From Toyota to Ford. IGO is probably the easiest mapping system to use if simplicity is your key.
  • Our Lumina units have volume relativity between audio and GPS commands, that means if using the SYGIC or IGO map, the volume in your audio drops so you can hear the navigation instructions the unit then reverts back to the previous audio volume.
  • We use external microphones in the majority of our units. This gives better call quality and we use a top class microphone. It sounds unimportant but makes a world of difference when using the unit. Old technology units have the microphone built in; the external microphone is vastly superior.
  • If you are using the navigation and receive a phone call the unit displays the call details across the bottom of the screen, it does not take you out of the navigation program. You can answer the phone call and go straight back to the navigation program whilst talking. Again, a little feature but most important if you need to take that urgent call on the way to somewhere important.
  • Our units are fast to start, we often get asked if we will stock Android units, the reason for our no is that Android currently takes too long to start from cold. Most units we have tried take over 26 seconds. This is too long in our opinion; lots of us Kiwis have already backed out the drive and changed radio station twice in that time. Also most Android devices we have seen are overly complicated and not suitable for safe operating in a moving vehicle.


We have several types of camera designed to look aesthetically pleasing in your vehicle. We have recently introduced our wide angle camera and they have a very impressive field of vision. We no longer offer a standard camera only the wider angle units.

Can I install it myself?

It can be done but we believe that a professional installation will save you a lot of time and heartbreak.

We do allow self-installation but regretfully no phone support. A phone support package for install purposes is available @ $75.00 per hour.

Can I buy it online?

Yes, our secure server allows this.

Alternatively, if you wish we can invoice the unit to you and you can pay via Direct Credit.

If you are ‘in the trade’ please call us to discuss account options.

Do all the installers stock the units?

No generally, our range is too big for anyone but us to carry all the stock at once! Our Wellington installer does however carry some of our most popular devices.

We will courier overnight (fully tracked) or via two day delivery anywhere there is courier coverage.

What units can’t you do?

It does vary a bit; we do struggle with 2003-2008 Odysseys, some Nissans with Japanese navigation with the heater controls built in. Likewise with the Toyota Mark X with the heater controls built in to the units. However we can do the Later model Mark X.

Mostly we say yes more often than not. Please call or email with any query.

We now have a Smart Mirror device that is listed under our Universal units. It’s features are amazing and this solution will suit most vehicles where an OEM Media unit isn’t available to fit. The mirror has rear camera, GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI receiver and even a dash camera built in.

Once you give us a price will we get stung for extras?

No, if you tell us the proper specs of the car you have and forward us an image of your current stereo located in your dash, we will work it out pretty quickly. You are of course welcome to buy the units direct from the installing agent if you prefer.

Map Updates

We have supply agreements with IGO / NNG and SYGIC maps who are the two leading map providers. Alternatively you can buy the maps direct from us, please call for map purchases. Please note we supply maps only for our own devices.

SYGIC link here.

IGO link here.


24 Months if professionally installed with warranty card returned, in the very unlikely event of a product failure we will undertake to rectify the issue as fast as we practically can.


As mentioned we do a lot of research in these units, we are happy to give you some guidance over the phone.

Overseas Buyers?

We export regularly overseas and will happily send one of our media centres where ever you want or need.

Please contact us for pricing details, overseas buyers do not have to pay GST so can save 15% on our low local prices. Please email or phone us so we can give you our recommendation.