1. Check the quality of the USB cable. It must be capable of conducting data and charge. Most cheap USB cables charge only. We stock a 3 in 1 USB cable that will plug into both Android and Apple phones, to learn more click here

2. Check that you have plugged your phone into the rear USB port (look around the centre console)

3. BTN 100 and BTN 200 do not have any capacity to run Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. See BTN Multimedia Units with built-in Apple CarPlay/Android Auto here


Lumina Audio is OEM's brand developed by Paul O'Connor.

Lumina Audio units have:

Full capacitive high definition touch screens

Fast operation speed

Any rear cameras installed (additional cost)  are operational in 1.4 seconds

Fantastic Bluetooth call quality

Drive safely by using existing steering wheel controls

Amazing sound

Clean looks

Great value for money



Paul O'Connor designed his Lumina Audio multimedia units to adapt with the automotive industry's rapid changes. Lumina Audio multimedia units can be modified to suit the type of customer and budget. Dealers of new and used cars can select from a range of easy to use, affordable units which add value for money to the vehicle. Whilst private car owners can upgrade and customise a suitable Lumina Audio unit with updateable maps, Smartphone integration, reverse camera and more. OEM takes care of the installation* or will ship to the end customer, whichever is easiest for the customer.


For up-to-date navigation, our recommendation is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A genuine version of this software is built into some of the Lumina Audio models otherwise just add a smartphone integration device or dongle. Your maps app on your smartphone will run through your head unit. Maps will run at the same time as the radio plus you can access other apps on your phone via voice control. For example, send texts, enjoy podcasts, Spotify etc. Smartphone integration the best system, cost-effective and easy to use.


OEM stock a huge range of Lumina Audio units with a universal fit as well as models for specific vehicles. Car stereos with a universal fit are popular with dealers who like to keep a surplus in stock, and order fitting kits as required. The BTN 300 unit, introduced in 2019 now has 45 different fitting kits and the OEM installers enjoy the versatility of this multimedia unit. In 2020 the BTN 310 arrives with a 10-inch screen. OEM also stock Lumina Audio solutions for cars where no other option exists; such as Dash Top boxes which offer all the features of a built-in unit but sit on the dash. Click here to view the VCB100 dash top box.

Call quality

We use a top-class external microphone in the majority of our units for better call quality. An external microphone is superior and is standard in nearly all our modern units.

Great looks

Nationwide independent installers say the Lumina Audio units fit and integrate better than many other options on the market. With clean lines and great-looking fitting kits, a Lumina Audio multimedia unit looks like it was supposed to be there and the bigger screen gets the thumbs up.

Two-year warranty.

Our devices have a two year warranty when installed professionally.

Fast starting Android Devices


BTN is a range of universal units. All BTN audio units (except the BTN 100 and BTN 200) have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto built in via USB connection to your Android phone (S6 equivalent and onwards) iPhone (5.0 or newer). These two projection systems give you access to apps on your phone.

The BTN range includes units in the following sizes:

Universal fit (170mm x 96mm)

Toyota universal fit (200mm x 100mm)

Nissan New shape (200mm x 100mm)

Mitsubishi universal fit (206mm x 106mm)

Nine and Ten inch units with frame selection. 

Volkswagen Mk 5/6, Golf, Tiguan, Passat, Eos, Amarok, Transporter

Only OEM Audio NZ carries the entire range. We courier* to your installer or yourself - please call us to discuss your needs.


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are two systems which are an extension of your smartphone. These systems are the safest way to access most of the apps on your phone for entertainment, communication and navigation. Enjoy hands-free help through voice-controlled virtual assistants 'Hey Siri' or 'Hey Google'.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are popular with drivers wanting in-car technology to enhance the driving experience. Both offer up to date maps, Spotify playback, I heart Radio,  podcasts and access to tested safe applications.    

This technology is now used by all major new car manufacturers. We think the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto systems outshine most other infotainment systems.  And are built-in to most OEM Audio BTN multimedia head units.


Call us with the proper specs of the car you have. We may then ask you to email us a photo of your current stereo located in your dash. Most cars have two or three variations in their factory setups.  There are very few cars we can not help with Usually we can help you by suggesting a built-in unit or a dash top box.

Nine inch units.

We offer our BTN300 and BTN310 units in a nine or ten inch Media unit. These devices have a bigger easy to see flat panel screen. We have over 45 different frames or surrounds to allow us to fit these devices to all sorts of cars. Customers love the easy to see screen, RDS, excellent bluetooth and the fitment that makes them look better than original factory fitted audio  in most cases. Additionally these units have in-built Apple Carplay and Android Auto, the most modern way to safely access the power of your smartphone in hands free driving.  Simply select a BTN 300 and frame to match your car, we can even help with a wiring harness to make installation easier for your preferred professional. 


Price of installation

Please call us as the price depends on installation time. As every vehicle is different, an estimate is given on the cost of audio devices and cameras installation. Our installers are experts and a quick fuss-free service is offered by our friendly team. Loan cars are available and as with anything please book well in advance to secure a day which suits you.

Can I install a Lumina Audio unit myself?

Yes, but the two-year warranty is only valid when the Lumina Audio unit is wired in by a professional installer. We often have to fix installs attempted by keen DIY customers, and find phone-support to out-of-town customers an extremely time-consuming process. We offer an installation service at our workshop in Sydenham, Christchurch. Alternatively, we can recommend a good installer. We have a network of more than 25 knowledgeable installers around New Zealand.

From October 2020 we offer plug an dplay harnesses with built in voltage regulators to speed up the install process. Pleae call us to see if we have them available for your vehicle.


Peace of mind. A reversing camera is a special type of video camera designed to be attached to the back of the car. You are then able to check the live view  on your touchscreen for any obstacles such as kids. It is not, as many think, for viewing during the entire reversing manoeuver. We have a range of unobtrusive reversing cameras (additional cost)  with a wide-angle view which offers an impressive field of vision. For vehicles piled high with stock, luggage or people we suggest a Streaming Reversing Mirror.

A reverse camera is cheaper than your insurance excess and worth not hitting something or  importantly someone.


24 Months on Lumina Audio units if professionally installed with warranty card returned, in the very unlikely event of a product failure we will undertake to rectify the issue as fast as we practically can.


EV Power is OEM's brand of electrical vehicle charging products developed by Paul O'Connor since 2016. Several new car distributors and over 70 used dealerships regularly purchase our EV Power equipment. All our EV Power brand products meet full New Zealand compliance standards and are additionally independently tested by TUV.

We warranty all our EV Power products for a minimum of two years and pride ourselves on our customer service and back up. With electricity the emaphasis should always be on safety and not the bare minimum. 


All suppliers and manufacturers of electrical products in New Zealand have to ensure those products are safe. OEM Audio meet all requirements under NZ law to supply Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and have available, upon request a Supplier Declaration of Conformity. Please see WorkSafe NZ for more information about who should be selling EVSE in New Zealand, and what EVSE can be sold. Unfortunately, unsafe EVSE is available in NZ. Usually, illegal products have been bought online either privately or by a wholesaler unaware of NZ regulations. The use of dangerous products can result in fire or electrical shock.

OEM cables and WallChargers feature all the technology to protect against shock and fire hazards. For more information click here.

Temperature sensor at CEE plug

Detection and 'auto turn off' function

Over-current protection - Auto turn off

Overvoltage protection - Auto turn off

Auto charge recovery - Auto reset when supply interrupted, 3 min snooze then charging continues

Lightning protection

Electric leakage protection

Earth leakage protection

Short circuit protection

NZ compliant and tested

IP 66 rated

ALL components TUV certified

ALL components fully compliant with IEC 62752

Earth Leakage protection

SAE J1772 Standard and IEC 62196  for Type 2 products.

Insulated Terminal Design

Cable strain relief feature

WallChargers come with 5-year warranty when fitted by a qualified registered electrician

Charger cables come with 3-year warranty when used correctly as per Electrical (Safety) Regulations 2010 (ESR).


TUV certification - TUV is one of the leading inspection, certification and testing organizations in the world. OEM Audio’s own range of EV Power EVSE has been independently tested to ensure your safety. It’s not a mandatory requirement for suppliers of EVSE in NZ to do this but Paul O’Connor (owner/director) wanted to provide customers with peace of mind when choosing an EV Power product. Cheaper products are available to buy in NZ but may not meet NZ safety standards or have not been checked by an independent third party.


It depends on the distance you drive every day and on the time you have to charge your car.

You can either use a cable (Mode 2) or using a wall box/home charging station (Mode 3). Both options simply deliver household electricity to the car. Electronics on board the car transform the domestic power supply (AC)  into the proper form (usually DC)  to charge the battery. The car also has a maximum power rating which means, depending on the wiring it can only take 15 amps as an example with a Nissan Leaf.

Please note: Not all charging cables are created equal. OEM Audio only sell their EV Power EVSE which all have safety features to help protect your car and property from, for example, fluctuations in the supply. All instructions must be followed for safe use. All EVSE should be purchased from a supplier who has met all the accreditation requirements as set out by WorkSafe.

We reckon the first step before buying EVSE is to determine which option suits your needs best. And if you need advice before you buy an EV call us.

We don't charge for a phone call and welcome your call for advice. 


WallChargers have a few different names around the world. You'll see Home charging stations/home chargers/home charge points or wall boxes advertised. These all refer to the same thing. EV home charging stations are generally firmly mounted on the wall. The electricity goes through a box and a cord that improves safety by waiting to send power to the plug until it’s plugged into an EV. A home charging station/WallCharger is preferred over constant use of your 3 pin plug outlet and will require wiring a dedicated circuit to have safe charging. 

Charging Safety

Constant charging from a power socket at home can lead to wear and tear and possible overheating. Also note that many manufacturers, such as Nissan, recommend using a WallCharger.

An OEM Audio EV Power WallCharger offers peace of mind with many safety features and the initial expense should be factored into the cost of the car. OEM Audio stocks the EV Power Wallbox with inbuilt Type B RCD so you can avoid purchasing a Type B RCD separately.

Charging Time

EV Power WallChargers will enable higher powers than the EV Power charger cables, supplying 240V, (like what an electric dryer or oven uses). Consequently, the charging time is faster. On average, an EV Power WallCharger can reduce charging time in half. Understanding the time you need to charge your vehicle will help you select the right EVSE.

Charging challenges

EV Power WallChargers also solve a number of charging problems.

If you will have two rechargeable cars in the household in the future or want to be able to have your friends recharge at your house when they visit then OEM Audio have the solution. An EVPower Single Phase 16/32amp WallCharger offers double charging sockets.

A basic WallCharger has no user authentication. These are best for use where only you have access to the WallCharger. Controlling access to the power supply can be achieved by using the EV Power Single Phase Wallbox with RFID tags. This WallCharger will only operate for approved users with a matching access card. Extra RFID tags can be bought in a pack - the perfect solution for apartments with  individual charging spaces.

Once you find a charger that best fits your needs, we recommend contacting a licensed electrician to install your charging station. The licensed electrician will need to know what amperage panel needs to be installed, to support the power requirements of your charger. Chargers deliver a high level of electricity for many continuous hours every day. Therefore, it is extremely important that it is installed correctly.

Full Supplier Declaration of Conformity ( SDoC) is available for EV Power products.

Caravan Plug / CEE plug 

New Zealand defaulted to the Caravan plug commonly referred to as Commando/CEE early on in the EV revolution. These plugs can carry a higher amp rating than the three-pin plug. Advice from WorkSafe and Master Electricians is that these devices should be fitted with an RCD Type B (for detection of DC current) in case of a car side charging fault. DC current going back into a switchboard could be an issue with potential fire risk in the extreme. 

DC detection stops that, traditionally we have used an external RCD Type B to mitigate this threat, the issue has been the cost of supply and lack of definitive legal ruling about them.  The cost of the device has often been a deterrent.  ( often $600.00 plus) For your new 16 amp portable device we have had the DC detection built-in for only $100.00 above the normal price of a portable 16 amp mode 2 IC-CPD. 


Please call us first. We may be able to diagnose an installation issue over the phone. All returns must include documentation regarding any  issue and customer details. Any products returned to OEM Audio 18 Coleridge Street, Sydenham without the sender and problem details will be shipped back to the sender without resolution.

Please do not send products to our PO Box as this is not cleared daily.



We use reliable courier companies and usually send out overnight (with orders sent through to us before 3 pm) but a 2-day service is available.


Please contact us for pricing details, overseas buyers do not have to pay GST so can save 15% on our low local prices