EV Charger Issues - Troubleshooting

Common EV Charging Issues 

Here are some solutions to common issues our customers have:

When you use an EV charging product read the User Manual before you charge your EV/PHEV for the first time. 

  • Ensure that you plug your cable into the power supply first, then plug the handle into the car.

  • When plugging in the handle to the power supply or car, make sure you push the connector firmly the whole way.

  • Ensure that the charging timer in your car is turned off.

  • Call us about any problems you are having. 


If you have correctly fitted the cable check:

  • Ensure that the EV Charging product has sufficient power supply.

  • That the car doesn't have a charging protocol following the ignition being "turned off". For example, once the car has powered off there may be a period of waiting before the car will accept a charge.

If your handle won't release from the car

Unlock your car or charging port again, before removing the handle. (Even if your car is already unlocked). This should release the handle.

Checks for Wall Chargers

  • Check if there is an isolation switch and that it is set correctly to allow power to the wall charger.

  • Check that you have unlocked the wall charger using the RFID cards supplied.

  • Check that the smart wall charger hasn't been programmed to start at another time.

  • Chat with the electrician who installed the wall charger.

  • Chat with the car dealer about a potential car battery issue.

Contact us before sending any cable back for assessment. The most common issue tends to be user error and we can help you.

Demo Video: CHARGE YOUR TYPE 1 CAr with our EV Power Premium 16 Amp for Type 1 EV/PHEV CHARGING CABLE

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