Long Range EVs

One factor in the EV buying decision is range and with over 15 models on the market which can do over 430 km* on one charge, more NZ drivers are swapping to an EV. 12 months ago there were 42,000 electric vehicles registered in NZ, and in December 2022 65,700 light-duty EVs.

*The maximum distance you can drive on one charge depends on a number of factors. The range estimates given by the manufacturers shouldn’t be expected in real world conditions

Long range Type 2 EVs don’t require any specific brand of charging equipment. The advice we give to Type 2 owners is consider a wall charger with Dynamic Load Balancing and a Type 2 charging lead which can charge on 3 phase. These two products will give you domestic charging at approximately 40 km of range per hour of charge and the lead allows you the fastest charge from an AC public station.

There is no need to purchase a certain brand of EVSE, just make sure that the charging products are legal for use in NZ. Obviously we would like you to buy ours! Read more about Charging Safety.

If all the EV jargon is a bit of a mystery look up terms on our EV Language page.