About OEM Audio

OEM Audio Ltd is 100% NZ owned | Selling direct to the public and wholesaling throughout Australasia. When looking for a legitimate reputable business, established in NZ before the EV-rebate scheme was launched, selling WorkSafe-compliant products consider OEM Audio Ltd. Paul O’Connor and his OEM Audio team have been serving the trade and public since 2009. There is plenty of off street parking available, come in and visit our ‘Consumer Trusted’ team at reception for tea, coffee and advice.

Founding Director, Paul O’Connor started OEM Audio Ltd after trying to buy a reasonably priced reversing camera for his car. You might recognise his name, Paul’s business ‘Pauls Cars’ on Moorhouse Ave was part of the landscape for many years (followed by Paul’s successful business REM Cars). Paul found that the reversing camera options available were disappointing. So as there was a gap in the NZ market, Paul tested 10 prototypes, considered five different manufacturers, and spent many nights on research and development. What started as a small range of reliable reversing cameras expanded into a popular range of Lumina Audio multimedia units and EV Power Electric Vehicle charging products

Lumina Audio

Our objective is to offer a sleek and comprehensive head unit that fulfills all your current requirements in a single, well-crafted, and thoughtfully designed package.

Lumina Audio® is a range of stereo units tailored to various car brands, each delivering exceptional sound quality along with essential entertainment and safety features. Given the rapid pace of technological advancements, automotive head units have evolved into sophisticated computers. Lumina Audio’s multimedia units go beyond music playback, providing features such as integrated maps, entertainment options, reverse camera feeds, and even the ability to send texts, all seamlessly integrated into a single head unit with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility.

Lumina Audio® products are sourced from esteemed Chinese manufacturers in Shenzen. Paul’s active involvement ensures that the design and manufacturing processes adhere to his rigorous standards, resulting in products that boast exceptional durability, safety, and broad appeal under the Lumina Audio brand. OEM Audio control importing and distributing Lumina Audio products to over 100 New Zealand dealerships. Our busy workshop in Waltham, Christchurch conducts the installation of Lumina Audio head units, and reverse cameras for dealers as well as the general public.

Our director Paul travels to Shenzen, China to check on our suppliers of Lumina Audio products. These factories are also regularly audited by one of the world’s leading Quality Inspections services, QIMA.

We have extensive quality control checks in place at the factories and we give each head unit a bench test here in our Christchurch workshop before it goes to the end user.

We also visit selected high-profile trade shows for new ideas and development.

EV Power

As the proprietor of ‘Paul’s Cars,’ Paul O’Connor bought the first Toyota Prius to New Zealand, 2001. Paul’s unwavering enthusiasm for electric vehicles (EVs) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) inspired OEM Audio to craft a widely embraced collection of secure and top-quality EV charging solutions. From 2016 onwards, OEM Audio has been catering to customers across the South Pacific, delivering an extensive range of Electric Vehicle charging products.

EV Power® products originate from highly reputable Chinese manufacturers located in the provinces of Nanjing, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu. Paul’s involvement ensures that the design and construction of these products align with his stringent standards, guaranteeing durability, safety, and widespread appeal for any item bearing the EV Power brand. OEM Audio undertakes the importation and distribution of EV Power® to over 100 New Zealand dealerships, electricians, and construction firms, while also offering direct sales to the general public.

Every EV Power® product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure full compliance with New Zealand standards, followed by additional testing within the country. Additionally, OEM Audio uses an EVSE test facility that adheres to the IEC standard. This unique test equipment sets us apart and underscores our ongoing commitment to delivering top-quality products within the EV industry.

OEM Audio Ltd prioritizes research and development as a means to expand its business. The company places a strong emphasis on innovation and providing customers with excellent value for their money. By actively engaging with the EV community and incorporating their valuable feedback, OEM Audio ensures that product development aligns with the desires and needs of both retail and wholesale customers. By attentively listening to the market, Paul and his team can tailor their cables and wall chargers to cater specifically to the requirements of the New Zealand market.

On top of this, OEM offers fantastic after-sales service Monday – Friday 8.30 am – 5.00 pm.

EV World

In 2018 at EV World OEM were award winners – proud to achieve Runner Up in the Small Medium Business Category for Businesses in the New Zealand EV industry. This reflects the efforts made to produce quality products for the EV industry in New Zealand. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

The Team

Paul1 (not to be confused with Paul2) is the director and owner of OEM Audio Ltd (and a mad cricketer). Paul1 strives to ensure the business grows by ensuring people have access to affordable hands-free car audio and safe EV charging products.

Kyle is the OEM tech guru when it comes to anything and everything to do with our products. He will process sales orders Monday to Friday. If you are unsure about which car audio product will fit your car or if you are fitting a new unit and have a question give Kyle a call. Please note, due to increases in technology, modern car stereos like Lumina Audio are basically mini computers. If you don’t have sufficient experience installing Android car stereos we may suggest that you engage the services of an auto electrician able to troubleshoot for you.

Stu, a qualified auto electrician, has been in the car audio business for over twenty years. Before coming to team OEM as our installer Stu had been installing our units for a few years. Stu travels to trade shows and assists Paul with Product Development.

Max, works with Stu installing Lumina Audio units and reverse cameras for car dealers as well as the general public. Max is more than happy to spend time with you at collection time to teach you how it works.

Micheal will meet you at Reception. With years of customer experience, Micheal offers a welcoming space at OEM Audio where you are welcome to come in for a cuppa and a chat.

Sonya, a business owner, oversees the OEM Audio team making sure that sales and operations run smoothly.

Paul2 (not to be confused with Paul1) is another cricketer and Sales Manager for EV Power. P2 works to ensure that the right EV Power products get to the right customers on time. From large corporate orders to small retail sales, Paul works to ensure repeat business and keep clients happy.

Rebecca works in Business Support, web and digital Marketing, PA, admin, and anything that needs doing to improve Customer Experience from online shopping to User Manuals


Consumer Trusted accreditation awarded 2023.

Businesses and products earning the Consumer Trusted accreditation adhere to Consumer New Zealand’s rigorous Code of Conduct, which encompasses 11 key principles aimed at upholding superior customer service and fostering consumer confidence. When you make a purchase from us, you can be assured that you are engaging with a foremost market leader committed to prioritizing the consumer.

You can Trust the Tick.