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Dynamic Load Balancing

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Dynamic Load Balancing technology gives your household appliances first access to the electricity supplied to your home. Your EV/PHEV gets what power is left over.  You achieve balance as your demand for power fluctuates hour by hour. This is good for your car too. The charge automatically adapts to the maximum available power (32 Amps, unless configured differently) and the charge occurs as fast as possible.

DLB technology protects the main fuse when members of the house are using PCs, water heating, heat pumps, oven, dishwasher, washing machine and more. Appliances can access the electricity when needed and you won’t need to worry about safety or overloading your circuit board.

EVs are bigger and more power-thirsty but there is no need to invest in an increased power supply for your home. With DLB your EV is able to charge at the power left over making 63 Amps an adequate amount for your needs and economical too.

We recommend that you engage a registered and licensed electrician to check your household wiring.

We don’t charge for a phone call and welcome your call for advice.


Three DLB modes for solar PV

1. The EV charger in the Pure PV (photovoltaic)/Solar mode will control its own charging current as much as possible, so that the actual input value of the grid current is as close as possible to 0A.

2. Hybrid Mode: The EV Charger will control its own charging current as much as possible in the range of DLB setting value. Some will be grid power and some will be solar – depends on the setting you choose.
Using the Z-Box App on your smartphone edit “Max Grid Current” input value to 10A. If the actual current value from grid to household power is 5A (<=10A), and the PV power generation current is 20A, then the total current of household power is 25A (5A+20A).

3. Full speed mode: The Solar DLB box will no longer limit the charging current of the EV charger, and the wall charger will use the maximum current supported for charging.

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