Long Range EVs

One factor in the EV buying decision is range and with over 15 models on the market which can do over 430 km* on one charge, more NZ drivers are swapping to an EV. 12 months ago there were 42,000 electric vehicles registered in NZ, and in December 2022 65,700 light-duty EVs.

*The maximum distance you can drive on one charge depends on a number of factors. The range estimates given by the manufacturers shouldn’t be expected in real world conditions

Long range Type 2 EVs don’t require any specific brand of charging equipment. The advice we give to Type 2 owners is consider a wall charger with Dynamic Load Balancing and a Type 2 charging lead which can charge on 3 phase. These two products will give you domestic charging at approximately 40 km of range per hour of charge and the lead allows you the fastest charge from an AC public station.

There is no need to purchase a certain brand of EVSE, just make sure that the charging products are legal for use in NZ. Obviously we would like you to buy ours! Read more about Charging Safety.

If all the EV jargon is a bit of a mystery look up terms on our EV Language page.


BCP Smart Tethered Type 2 (6m) DLB Wall Charger 32A 1P (Load Bal)

BCP Smart Tethered Type 2 (6m) DLB Wall Charger 32A 1P (Load Bal)

Charging at home is easy. Suitable for single phase power supply this 7kW BCP AC Wall Charger comes with Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) technology and a tethered Type 2 cable (6m). Compatible with all Type 2 EVs/PHEVs. RFID swipecard allows only authorised users to gain access to the charger. Inclu...


BCP Solar DLB Smart Wall Charger 32A 1P - Tethered Type 2 (6m) Package

BCP Solar DLB Smart Wall Charger 32A 1P - Tethered Type 2 (6m) Package

This smart 7kW EV Wall Charger will work on single phase power and gives you the option of using solar power. Adjustable output from 6 Amp - 32 Amp, the BCP Wall Charger can be either wall-mounted or pile mounted. Suitable for Type 2 EVs/PHEVs (Ex-UK/NZ new). Includes 6mA DC Detection, no require...


EV Cable Hook and Holster (Type 2)

EV Cable Hook and Holster (Type 2)

Robust wall-mounted bracket for storing your EV charging cable (type 2). A convenient EV Cable holder to keep your type 2 handle clean and cable tidy. Simple and strong, simply wrap the cable around the bracket (black) and insert the EV charging cable handle to secure it neatly. To install dri...


In Transit

EV Power Carry Bag for EV cables

EV Power Carry Bag for EV cables

Quality carry bag for your EV Power Electric Vehicle charging cables. Keep your cable protected from dust and damage. Hang this bag up and great for travelling, this bag features two carry handles, zip, and water-resistant fabric.  ...


EV Power Type 2 to Type 2 Lead, 32 Amp, 1P/3P, 5m ( Hi Vis orange cable)

EV Power Type 2 to Type 2 Lead, 32 Amp, 1P/3P, 5m ( Hi Vis orange cable)

High Visibility Orange cable, great for health and safety.  This dazzling lead in neon orange makes a statement. This 32 Amp lead will work with single-phase or three-phase supply with Type 2 vehicles that are ex-Uk or NZ new. Popular Type 2 EVs and plug-in hybrids include Audi e-tron, Hyundai Ko...


EV Power Type 2 To Type 2 Lead, 32 Amp, 1P/3P, 7m (grey/white handle)

EV Power Type 2 To Type 2 Lead, 32 Amp, 1P/3P, 7m (grey/white handle)

A 7m long EV charging cable will give you the extra length you need. For Evs and PHEV's with a Type 2 rear charging port or small charging spaces, this lead is a manageable weight whilst offering freedom. Click here for help on finding products to suit your EV/PHEV This 32 Amp lead will work with...



Type 2 to Type 2 Charging Cables

EVs which are NZ new or ex-UK have a Type 2 socket. A Type 2 to Type 2 charging cable allows you to connect any Type 2 EV to an AC charging station when you need to supply your own cable. The cable has a handle at each end and it’s easy to connect the car to a wall charger.

You’ll find a Type 2 to Type 2 cable very versatile. You’ll use it a lot. NZTA recommends that AC public charging stations provide a Type 2 socket, and domestic wall chargers sold in NZ have a Type 2 socket.

Link to Plugshare map nz type 2 https://www.plugshare.com/

NB: The car may also have different shaped sockets (charging ports) with names such as Tesla, CHAdeMO and CCS.

The most versatile type of EV Power Type 2 charging lead is a Type 2 to Type 2 charging cable which can be used with three phase supply (when available) to deliver 22kW, depending on the spec of your EV’s battery.

  • Public AC Charging Station = 22 kW
  • Domestic AC Wall Charger = 7.4kW per hour

A 22kW three-phase charging cable is compatible with both a 7kW single-phase supply and a 22kW three-supply.

Wall Chargers

Save money and enjoy the convenience of charging at home or at your business. And gain peace of mind when you have a Dynamic Load Balancing installed. This technology will manage the supply of electricity going to your EV when other household devices are powered on. The spa pool, double oven, large TVs, gaming PCs will all consume energy but your EV charging won't blow the circuit board. 

Enjoy approximately 40km of range per charging hour, dependant on your EV’s AC charging rate limit. Even long range EVs such as Tesla can be easily charged at home using a wall charger witha Type 2 connection

Choice of:


Is available around the country at purpose-built parking areas. You achieve a fast charge (where your EV can accept it) and you’ll be using the cable tethered to the charging.

  • If you have a Type 1 EV to charge, for example a Type 1 Nissan leaf, the tethered cable will fit the CHAdeMO socket on your car.
  • If you have a Type 2 EV you should be using the CCS-combo cable. There are a few Type 2 cars in NZ which only have a Type 2 socket.

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