Common Questions


1. Check the quality of the USB cable. It must be capable of conducting data and charge. Most cheap USB cables charge only. We stock the Choetech 3 in 1 USB cable that will plug into both Android and Apple phones.

2. Check that you have plugged your phone into the rear USB port (look around the centre console).

3. Lumina Audio X-100, X-130, BTN 100A and BTN 200A multimedia units do not have any capacity to run Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.

4. Check that your phone has the latest software update.

5. Check that the charging port is clean and free from compacted debris.

6. Check that your Bluetooth connection is turned on.



Call us with the proper specs of the car you have. We may then ask you to email us a photo of your current stereo located in your dash. Most cars have two or three variations in their factory setups.  There are very few cars we can not help with. Usually, we can help you by suggesting a built-in unit, integration device or a dash top box.

We offer our BTN 301 (wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto) and BTN 315 units in a nine or ten-inch media unit. These devices have a bigger easy to see flat panel screen. We have over 45 different frames or surrounds to allow us to fit these devices into all sorts of cars. Customers love the easy-to-use screen, RDS, excellent Bluetooth, and the fitment that makes them look better than the original factory-fitted audio. These units have built-in wired Apple Carplay and Android Auto for the hands-free operation of apps on your smartphone. Simply select a 9 inch screen Lumina Audio BTN 301 Package or a ten inch screen BTN 315 Package

Need wireless Apple CarPlay/wireless Android Auto?

Wireless car audio head units offering convenience and performance and require iPhone with iOS 13+ or Samsung Galaxy with Android 11. 

If your phone is older you can plug in your iPhone 6+ or Galaxy with Android 6.0 using a quality data cable (not a cheap generic charging cable).

What size do you need?

Our Lumina Audio BTN range includes units in the following sizes:

  • Universal fit (170mm x 96mm)
  • Toyota universal fit (200mm x 100mm) / Toyota Extra wide (230mm x 130mm)
  • Nissan New shape (200mm x 100mm)
  • Mitsubishi universal fit (206mm x 106mm)
  • Nine and Ten inch units with frame selection
  • Volkswagen Mk 5/6, Golf, Tiguan, Passat, Eos, Amarok, Transporter



Peace of mind. A reversing camera is a special type of video camera designed to be attached to the back of the car. You are then able to check the live view on your touchscreen for any obstacles such as kids. It is not, as many think, for viewing during the entire reversing manoeuvre. We have a range of unobtrusive reversing cameras (additional cost)  with a wide-angle view which offers an impressive field of vision. For vehicles piled high with stock, luggage or people we suggest a Streaming Reversing Mirror.

A reverse camera is cheaper than your insurance excess and helps you avoid hitting something or more importantly someone.



Our installation workshop in Waltham, Christchurch is run by Qualified Auto Electrician Stu Wilson. Stu aka ‘Wires’ has over 25 years of experience as an Auto Electrician and has been employed by OEM Audio for 8 years.

Don’t let just anyone work on your pride and joy.

Let us handle the installation for you and make sure the job is done right the first time. To learn more about installing a Lumina Audio unit yourself click here.

Don’t live in Christchurch, but need your new head unit, or reversing camera installed for you?

We’ve got a network of 25 highly qualified installers New Zealand-wide who can help you with the installation of all our car products. Their labour costs will vary so you will need to deal with them directly. If you buy online, we can ship the unit to your installer, if you prefer. 

Give our team a ring today on 03 365 2666 to find out where your closest installer is located, and they’ll even be able to help you out with your order while on the phone.


Drivers looking for clear NZ frequency AM radio should be aware that we are unable to guarantee perfect reception. The reason for this is the number of variables that affect AM reception.