Software updates are similar to updating the apps on your phone – they keep things running smoothly. Software updates help improve the user interface, enhance security, and remove minor bugs. We recommend updating your software whenever an update is available.

Download our latest software updates here

Software for the following units ONLY: BTN 400 and BTN 500 

Using this software on any multimedia unit other than those listed will turn it into a brick. Do not use on a BTN 301, 455, 550, 700, 800 etc

1 Save the Download to a brand-new USB stick

2 Power the unit on

3 Insert the USB in the front USB port

4 Press and hold the ‘M/N’ or ‘Home’ button and press the reset

5 Keep holding the ‘M/N’ or ‘Home’ button until you see the update screen

6 It will say ‘Burn Success Welcome’ when complete

7 Remove the USB

8 Press the reset again

9 When the unit powers on again you will need to reset the Boot Logo

10 Enter code 6556

11 Turn on the reversing lines (optional)

12 Reset the date and time

Version date: 03/06/2021

Suzuki NZ BTN 900 Software update

Instructions are currently available through selected dealers.

Using this download for any other Lumina Audio unit will stop it from working and any warranty period for that unit will end.

Version 13/10/2021



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